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James's Birthday - March 2006

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For James's 8th birthday he had an activity afternoon with his best mates from school and the events were to include Quad Biking and Archery.


James' is still enjoying his Roman studies and projects at school and his top gift for his birthday was a genuine Roman coin.  Thanks Nan & Granddad this was the best!  James also go t some other prized gifts to include Lego and a much requested Lava Lamp.


Roman Coin

James, Harry & Josh gearing up for the Quad Biking

James on his first lap and ride on a Quad Bike

Ben on his first lap

Sam on his first lap

Sam going for it

Harry on his first lap

Josh on his first lap

James again, note tongue stuck out entire time!

More of that tongue

After some stern tuition the boys were allowed to have a go with real bow's and arrows

One of James's other prized birthday presents from Nan & Granddad Mac

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