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Christmas 2005

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This year was quite busy Christmas for the Makkers clan.

Christmas morning we spent at home and the Makker'etts opened their presents with much excitement and then we went around to Ian and Viviens for the afternoon and Christmas dinner with Viviens family, Simon, Stephen, Rebecca and Stephen's girlfriend Rebecca and had a really enjoyable time with them.  See if you can guess what James's best Christmas present was.

Vivien delivered a superb Christmas dinner and then as soon as it was dark we got the fireworks out that had been saved from 5 November.

Boxing day and the following day was spent with Mrs Makkers parents and family to include Nana Pearl, Max and Lola came round for lunch with their tribe to include Sian, Joe, Robbie and Lexus. 

We then had a couple of pints at the village local where Thom successfully  threw his first pint.....all over Makkers!



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