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London - January 2006

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In the winter months we regularly go to London on a Sunday (no congestion charge or parking to pay) and see the Museums, typically the Natural History for the Dinosaurs  and the Science to see the mechanicals for the boys but on this occasion we did something different.

James' was studying the Romans at school so we went to the British Museum to see the Roman and Egyptian exhibits.

James and Thomas also experienced their first London Cab rides as we didn't park near to the Museum. 

We then took a stroll over to the London Eye where met Ian & Vivien and together we took a 'flight'.

Also of significance for James and Thomas was that they had their first Indian curry in the evening, yum.


On the 'Embankment' 1 week after whale was transported past this point.

Outside the British Museum

Inside the British Musuem

Musuem Library

Thom and a 'Mummy'

James and Claudius

Thom with his mates

Cab ride

Walking across the Thames

Thomas amazed by a statue he was sure had moved!

Going up

Thomas with his necklace souvenier

Sunset over Parliament

More sunset, apologies about the 'splats' Photoshop couldn't do its stuff


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