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2005 - Summer Break.......So we took the last 2 weeks of August off and made the most of the weather on the first week and gave the boat a good thrashing.  And then enjoyed trips to the West Country to include the likes of Wookey Hole, Lyme Regis and then to Mrs Makkers parents for the weekend.

Warning - there are lots of pictures on this page!     [31]


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Self Portrait ( at 28 knots )

Happy Family Portrait ( at 28 knots )

C'tpn Jim at the helm Number 2 at the helm


While Mum reads, who says this boating is hard work?


"Time for a swim...."



"Nah - I'll swim here thanks!"

"Hurry, the Pirates are catching up!"


Afternoon at Ian and Vivien's


"Er pass the bottle - you cant keep it all to yourself!"

"Oh, look, an elbow!"

"Now listen.  This is how you use a water pistol - right?"

"What, like this?"

"No - like this, bring it on!"

Some naughty'ness afoot here... Three naughty girls!
Water ballon on head time "No grandad - you fix it like this..."

Wookey Hole


Chips in Cheddar

  View from top of Cheddar with Glastonbury Tor in the distance - if you look very carefully!

Lyme Bay

" Men in Pants" - Wave Jumping
Bonnie on her Summer Break also
Now, if you made it to here then the pictures obviously did not bore you - well done and thank you for looking.

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