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Disney, Kingdom

The highlight of the Magic Kingdom visit was  the night parade, even though we waited a long time it was worth it, and Thom really enjoyed his snack whilst we were waiting....(3rd photo left side)



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The Disney Castle

Much bigger than the Paris version. Looks great at night all lit up.

Main Street

Lazy Buggers!

Made us hire a pushchair 'stroller' for the day as apparently their feet hurt.

The Incredibles

Kids were very happy to meet these heros.

Thom in his element

Eating a turkey leg

Indy 500

Thom and Mrs Makkers came away with some minor whiplash injuries......

Indy 500

Makkers had control of the pedal, Jim had the steering....What A Team!

Outside Indy 500

Posing in a fetching purple car


Had to get the camera up close to get the kid in shot (short-arse!).

Into Space

Our last ride at Magic Kingdom


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