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Disney, MGM Studios

Going to Florida without visiting Disney would be like going to the pub and not having a drink, so the first of Disney park visits was the MGM Studios.


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Back to 2005 - Orlando, Florida...

Lilo and Stich

Thom was in awe, cartoon people ......In The Flesh!!

Buzz Lightyear

Space Ranger!

Indiana Jones Stunt Show

Too long for the kids, but Makkers and Mrs Makkers enjoyed it.

The Tower Of Terror

SOOOOOO SCARY!!!! The kids had tears in their eyes, Makkers looked a little worried, and Mrs Makkers thought it was the best thing since Dishwashers!

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Disney's Epcot Centre

'Every Person Comes Out Tired' is what we were led to believe that Epcot stood for, and its true!


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Back to 2005 - Orlando, Florida...


Mickey and Friends



Kids with 'Fezizzz' cool!

The Big Round Thing

The Epcot Thing I meant... Not the Missus!

Thom's Friend

Thom made a friend at the Epcot Centre, we think he is called Simon and he was a very nice chap.


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