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2003 - Las, what can we say about Las Vegas.  So in 2003 we had to cram in as much as possible into a 6 day trip to Las Vegas and Arizona.  We spent the first day and night in the Luxor and then took a hire car to the Grand Canyon via the Hoover Dam then a  return leg back to the 'Entertainment Centre of the World'!

We spent two days on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon took a helicopter ride and stuff and then returned to Las Vegas and rounded of with two more days and two nights at the Venetian in the classy Venencia Towers..

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Day 1 - Arrival in Vegas and the Luxor, the travelators are worth a go but many people don't seem to like them!.


Day 2 - En-route to the Grand Canyon and Arizona.  Here approaching the Hoover Dam.  We stopped off and had a tour in the belly of the magnificent feat of engineering.

From the dam (tour well worth the time) we drove over the desert to the Grand Canyon, now there's a place worth looking at!


Sunrise over the Canyon Sunset over the Canyon (sort of)

Day 4 - Heading back to Vegas

Lake Mead


Day 5 - Once back in Vegas we checked into the Venetian Towers only to discover a screw up on the booking.

Long and short of it was that technically for the night before we had been booked into 3 different hotels, Venetian, Grand Canyon & Monument Valley (aborted destination).

All in all we had a fantastic time in Vegas and hope to go back some day.

Pictures below are in and around the Venetian and...... 


...we got to meet some familiar faces


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