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2002 - New, to reciprocate Mrs Makkers treating me to a weekend Paris with Kylie earlier in the summer I tried to get one up by taking her to New York for her 30th Birthday.  This was Mrs Makkers first time to the US and given this was New York we sort of did it in style and stayed at the Waldorf Astoria.

Most of the photos were taken on a film camera so we only have a few available to post here without getting all complicated.

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View from the top of the Empire State Building looking towards Ground Zero and Statue of Liberty.

Due to the awful events of a year earlier we were not able to go to the top of the Statue but took the Circle Boat trip around Manhattan Island, went up the Empire State, did the Central Park thing etc etc.

Yes, it was very very cold, in fact who says England is cold?   Mrs Makkers at the top of the Empire State getting a bit blown.


Did try to have Mrs Makkers put away....
The Natural History Museum

The Waldorf Astoria


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